Art Didgeridoos

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This is an exceptional didgeridoo in every way. The harmonics it produces are both soothing and powerful while the back pressure is superb. The trumpet series is smooth and three distinct pitches are easily achieved with more up above if your chops are tight. A true magick carpet, this instrument can take you to the edge and deliver you safely back to Earth at journeys end, fully refreshed and ready for a warm cup of tea or the next great adventure.

     See this didgeridoo demonstrated below.  Custom Didgeridoos are available on request. visit our  Custom Didgeridoos  page where you'll find all the information you need to have a didgeridoo made with you mind from start to finish.

Art Didgeridoo 1

Key: D
Trumpets: D, E, C
Length: 68 Inches
Mouth (outer dimension): 2.4
Bell (outer demension): 6.2
Wall Thicknes: Medium
Weight: 5 Llbs
Offering Price: $600