The Dreaming Gate
Inlakesh - The Dreaming Gate - Road to Tulku's Palace
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The Gate 6:06
The Road to Tulku's Palace 9:05
Navigator 6:16
Zia 6:31  
Hues of Jade 7:15
Warbling Time 6:01  
Impermanent Nature 7:45  
Budgerigar 4:00  
Grain & Bowl 5:05
WhereverNever 7:52
The Dreaming Gate was inspired by an encounter with the Nazca spider and ritual concepts of the mask. A time and space where the veil of daily persona is left behind while embracing the wisdom of intent and timelessness. Two years in the making, The Dreaming Gate is a deep voyage of consciousness. Featuring outstanding musicians and pure, acoustic world instruments meticulously blended with field recordings and sonic artifacts harvested in the jungles of Irian Jaya during the late 1980's. A valuable and highly original body of sound. According to at least a few mystery propogandists, it is the best of Inlakesh.
Voted Best Album of the Year (1997). KZSC Radio, Santa Cruz, California.
Tanya Gerard: Arrangements, Didjerioo, Medicine Drum & Atmospheres of Shamanic Intent
Rob Thomas: Didjeridoo, Tibetan Horns, Gongs & Rattles
Phil Hollenbeck: Tabla & Tambura
Polly Tapia Ferber: Darbuka & Bendhir
Michal Kott: Cello
Mixing: Tanya Gerard, Ron Sunsinger & Glen Harvitz
Cover art by Stephen Miller of &
Mastering: Roger King of RKM